Tampa Diamond Buying Guide

Watch the video below to help you get started with the diamond shopping process. We will go beyond the 4 C’s without getting overly technical. If you want technical click here to go to our diamond education page.

How to buy a diamond – Beyond the 4 C’s


How much should I spend?

So, you have made the decision to pop the question but are wondering how much you should spend? First and foremost we always advise our clients to ONLY spend what you can afford.  If you would like to know what others are spending and what styles they are buying take a look at the national averages for 2011.


  • Engagement Ring including center diamond : $5,940
  • Carat Size: .75 carat for center diamond; 1.40 carats total stones
  • Quality: SI2/SI1 clarity, H/I Color , Good-Very Good Cut.
  • Most Popular Engagement Ring Shapes: Round (53%) and Princess (30%)
  • Most Popular Engagement Ring Metal: 73% of rings are made of white gold
  • Wedding Band Cost: $1,126 for brides; $491 for grooms
  • Most Popular Wedding Band Metal: For brides, 70% are white gold; for grooms, 34% are white gold
  • The Luxury Ring Segment: About 12% of couples spend more than $8,000 on the engagement ring
  • Luxury Engagement Ring Cost: $13,500
  • Luxury Engagement Ring Carat Size: 1.5 carats for center stone; more than 2 carats total stones
  • Luxury Wedding Ring Cost: $1,560 for brides; $731 for grooms