Jewelry Insurance

Like any valuable item, Alexis Diamond House recommends that you insure your valuable purchase. There are two approaches that can be adopted. You can add your new purchase to your householder’s policy as a scheduled item (not recommended) or you can apply to complete an application for Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. If you apply for insurance through Jewelers Mutual, and you have no current policy with the company, you will need:

  • A recent appraisal (within the last 12 months) for your new diamond
  • A valid Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express car
  • Current e-mail address
  • Our Jewelers Code : A02029

Additionally, you will need to advise them of the details of who will be wearing or have the jewelry in his or her possession, with that person’s current address. It warrants mention that if you have been convicted of a crime, you will need to also provide details of the offense, and that professional athletes and entertainers are excluded from coverage.

If you currently hold a policy with Jewelers Mutual, all you need to do to obtain coverage for your new purchase is to fax a request to Jewelers Mutual, along with a copy of the appraisal or valuation. Jewelers Mutual will add the jewelry to your policy and bill you for the additional premium.

What will they cover?

The insurance policy will cover the costs of repair in the event of damage to your new diamond jewelry. Or in the event of loss, theft and mysterious disappearance, Jewelers Mutual will replace your jewelry with a piece of like kind and quality.

Because in life the unexpected can happen, if your jewelry does mysteriously disappear or is damaged, lost or stolen, you should immediately call Jewelers Mutual at 888-884-2424. Or report your claim through the You should also report your loss to the police should you suspect that it was stolen. After Jewelers Mutual has processed your claim, it is normal that you will be allowed to return to Alexis Diamond House for a replacement item of similar value and quality.